Before unveiling a partnership, STEPN initiates a $30 million FSL Points airdrop.

The web3 application STEPN, which incentivizes users to earn rewards by engaging in various activities, has recently initiated a significant promotional campaign termed the “trailblazer” airdrop. This campaign involves the distribution of 100 million FSL Points, a digital asset associated with the Solana-based non-fungible token (NFT) project. Notably, the total value of this airdrop amounts to an impressive $30 million.

According to information disclosed in a press release provided to, the FSL Points distributed in this campaign hold significant utility, as they can be redeemed for STEPN’s native GMT tokens. This strategic move aims to generate excitement and anticipation among users, fostering engagement with the platform in anticipation of the upcoming partnership announcement.

Divided into two distinct phases, the airdrop campaign is designed to maximize participation and ensure widespread distribution of FSL Points among the community. As such, the initiative not only serves as a means of rewarding existing users but also as a mechanism for attracting new participants to the platform.

By leveraging the inherent value of FSL Points and their potential conversion into GMT tokens, STEPN seeks to bolster its user base and solidify its position within the rapidly evolving web3 landscape. This proactive approach underscores the platform’s commitment to innovation and its dedication to providing tangible benefits to its community members.

The airdrop of 100 million FSL Points

In the first phase of the airdrop, FSL Points were distributed to STEPN’s Badge Holders, with the allocation determined by the level of difficulty of their completed in-app activities and challenges.

During the second phase, FSL Points were awarded to Genesis Sneaker holders, with the amount reflective of the length of their ownership. This gesture acknowledges their loyalty and ongoing involvement with the app.

FSL Points holders have two choices for utilizing their rewards: they can either exchange these points for GMT tokens through the STEPN marketplace or retain them for purchasing tickets for Raffle Mints in future events and forthcoming partnerships.

STEPN CEO Shiti Manghani expressed the motivation behind this extensive airdrop campaign, stating, “We have chosen to initiate this substantial airdrop campaign as a gesture of appreciation to our most dedicated community members, offering them priority access to our upcoming mints and other exclusive incentives.”

This campaign marks the third annual airdrop since its inception in 2022. Over the course of these three events, the app has distributed a total of 235 million GMT tokens.

Recipients eligible for the airdrop have until April 29 to take action. Failure to claim their rewards by this deadline will result in the forfeiture of their allocated tokens.

Anticipated Collaboration with Globally Recognized Brand

In addition to the announcement, the release tantalizingly hinted at an upcoming partnership between the app and “one of the world’s best-known sports brands.”

Commenting on the development, Manghani expressed the sentiment that STEPN is currently positioned at an exceptionally exciting juncture. He emphasized the app’s ambitious plans for the year ahead, aiming to propel its growth to new heights and solidify its dominant position within the move-and-earn sector.

Manghani further emphasized the significance of the coming months for STEPN, characterizing them as a pivotal moment for the platform. He conveyed his excitement at the prospect of sharing these developments with the app’s most loyal supporters.

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