Upbit’s Altcoin Surge: Unusual Trading Volumes Signal Market Buzz

Upbit, South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has reported significant upticks in trading volumes for various altcoins. As the second-largest crypto exchange globally, after Binance, Upbit’s recent data highlights notable increases in the trading activity of specific tokens:

1. Axie Infinity (AXS): Upbit recorded a substantial 513.19% surge in one-hour trading volume, reaching $196k compared to the average of $32k. Binance saw a more modest 10.06% increase.

2. PlayDapp (PLA): Upbit witnessed a notable 421.87% rise in one-hour trading volume, reaching $622k from an average of $119k. Binance experienced a slight decrease of 4.49%.

3. Polymesh (POLYX): Upbit nearly tripled its trading volume, rising by 194.32% from an average of $216k to $637k. Meanwhile, Binance reported a 17.88% decrease.

4. JUST (JST): Upbit recorded a significant 174.89% increase in one-hour trading volume, reaching 1 million from an average of $437k. On Binance, the volume increased by 40.69%.

5. Arbitrum (ARB): Upbit more than doubled its trading volume, posting a 233.70% increase from an average of $313k to $1M. Binance reported a 26% volume increase in the same period.

These unusual trading volume patterns on Upbit may signal increased market activity and interest in these altcoins.

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