Massive Bitcoin Shakeout Incoming After FOMO Hits the Market, According to Kevin Svenson – Here Are His Targets

Cryptocurrency Analyst Warns of Potential Bitcoin Correction Near All-Time High

Cryptocurrency analyst and trader Kevin Svenson is cautioning investors about the possibility of a significant correction in Bitcoin (BTC) as the leading cryptocurrency remains below its all-time high price.

Analysis of Potential Market Correction and FOMO Dynamics

Svenson, addressing his substantial YouTube following of 73,100 subscribers, outlined his concerns in a recent video. He emphasized the likelihood of a “path of most pain,” suggesting that Bitcoin might climb to a new all-time high, inducing FOMO-driven buying from sidelined investors. However, Svenson warned of a subsequent price reversal, potentially pushing the value back below the all-time high.

Projection of Bitcoin Price Movement and Market Sentiment

The analyst predicted that Bitcoin could experience a surge of approximately 26% from its current level, potentially reaching $84,000 before retracing. Svenson anticipated that this upward momentum might lure in new investors, only to see them shaken out as the price dips slightly below the all-time high. He then envisioned another significant rally, forming a major uptrend cycle expected to extend into 2025.

Interpreting Svenson’s Chart and Potential Bitcoin Price Targets

Svenson’s analysis, as depicted in his chart, suggests the possibility of Bitcoin retracing to around $54,500 before resuming its upward trajectory. This projection underscores the importance of considering potential corrections amid the ongoing market excitement surrounding Bitcoin’s price movements.


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