A fraudulent method propels a meme coin associated with Solana to reach a market capitalization of $328 trillion.

Despite explicit warnings about potential withdrawal difficulties, cryptocurrency investors persist in funneling funds into a suspected Solana meme coin honeypot scam.

This dubious scheme, known as BONKKILLER, has managed to attain an astonishing market capitalization of $328 trillion, leveraging a manipulative tactic dubbed the honeypot scam. According to reports from Solana ecosystem news platform Solana-Floor’s X post on April 29, this scam involves freezing token holders’ accounts and obstructing sales, effectively trapping investors’ funds within the system.

The BONKKILLER Solana meme coin was unveiled on April 29, and within a mere 24 hours, it garnered a staggering trading volume of approximately $4.6 million. However, beneath the veneer of this seemingly lucrative opportunity lurked a deceptive ploy designed to ensnare unsuspecting investors.

Details of the BONKKILLER honeypot scam

Birdeye data exposed that the creator of BONKKILLER holds 90% of its tokens. Those who eagerly invested in this novel meme coin quickly discovered a significant hurdle: they couldn’t transfer their assets. Developers had enforced a freeze authority, effectively locking investors’ funds and deeming their investments valueless.

“thirt13n,” an NFT trader, astutely highlighted the flaw in the exaggerated market cap, stating, “False metrics; if you can’t offload it, it’s essentially worthless.” Despite multiple platforms sounding alarms and delineating the telltale signs of a conventional honeypot scam, traders persist in pouring investments into BONKKILLER, as evidenced by Birdeye’s findings. On-chain data unveils that the creator has already amassed $1.62 million from unsuspecting victims through a mere 11 transactions.

The prevalence of honeypot scams within meme coins

Regrettably, BONKKILLER serves as yet another example of a memecoin rug pull or honeypot scam, targeting inexperienced traders.

The landscape of meme coins is rife with fraudulent activities, with a significant portion displaying scam-like attributes or being outright scams. Shockingly, statistics from Cointelegraph indicate that six out of ten meme coins on the Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution Base fall into these categories. Even more concerning is the revelation that a staggering 91% of these meme coins harbor various vulnerabilities.

These alarming figures underscore the pervasive nature of scams within the meme coin ecosystem, posing substantial risks to unsuspecting investors. As the popularity of meme coins continues to surge, it becomes increasingly crucial for traders to exercise caution and conduct thorough due diligence before committing funds to any project.

There are those who might argue that instances like these stem from creators’ limited grasp of meme coin development and security protocols, especially when coins are launched in jest or as a form of industry satire. However, regardless of the intentions behind their creation, the significant financial and emotional toll inflicted upon unsuspecting individuals cannot be understated.

The repercussions of falling victim to such schemes can be devastating, often leading to substantial losses and profound psychological distress. While some may dismiss meme coins as mere jokes or harmless forms of entertainment, the reality is that they operate within a highly speculative and often unregulated market, where the line between humor and exploitation can become blurred.

To mitigate the risks associated with investing in meme coins, particularly those within the Solana ecosystem, individuals must prioritize comprehensive research and employ tools designed to identify potential honeypot scams. By familiarizing themselves with the warning signs and red flags indicative of fraudulent projects, investors can make more informed decisions and protect themselves from financial harm.

Moreover, staying informed about the latest developments in the cryptocurrency space and actively engaging with communities of knowledgeable enthusiasts can provide valuable insights and help individuals navigate the complexities of this rapidly evolving industry. Ultimately, proactive measures and due diligence are essential for safeguarding one’s investments and preserving financial security in an increasingly volatile market landscape.

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