Amid Price Dip, 50 Million XRP Tokens Transferred by Large Holders – What Could be the Next Move?

Recent reports reveal significant movement of over 50 million XRP tokens by a single whale across various exchanges during a price decline. Notably, a mysterious wallet transferred 26 million XRP tokens (approx. $15.22 million) to Bitso and another 24.7 million XRP tokens (approx. $14.68 million) to Bitstamp, sparking speculation.

This wallet has consistently orchestrated similar transactions to centralized exchanges in recent weeks, moving a total of 138 million tokens (over $79 million) within less than fourteen days.

Meanwhile, XRP’s value has descended, resembling October levels. Despite this, crypto analyst Egrag Crypto remains optimistic, citing historical patterns and bullish defense of a critical price level as indicators for potential resilience against further decline.

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