Arbitrum DAO Proposes $3.3 Million MemeCoin Fund Aimed at Enhancing Ecosystem Expansion

in brief

  • Within the Arbitrum DAO, there’s deliberation over a $3.3 million fund designated to bolster memecoins within its ecosystem.
  • The objective is to enhance liquidity and encourage user engagement by harnessing the viral nature of memecoins.
  • Community responses to the proposal vary, with some viewing it as a creative approach to growth, while others express concerns about potential wastefulness.
  • The proposal underscores the diverse viewpoints within the community regarding the utilization of memecoins for ecosystem advancement.

The Arbitrum DAO is contemplating a daring initiative to invigorate its ecosystem and broaden its appeal to a wider audience. A recent proposition posted on the Arbitrum DAO forum has ignited significant interest and discussion among community members.

The proposal, introduced by user 0xkawz, advocates for the creation of a $3.3 million fund specifically aimed at fostering memecoins within the Arbitrum ecosystem. This pioneering approach seeks to harness the contagious appeal of memecoins to enhance liquidity, encourage user participation, and elevate overall blockchain activity.

Arbitrum is nurturing an ecosystem that welcomes memecoins.

The proposal presents a comprehensive strategy aimed at establishing a memecoin fund that not only provides financial backing but also fosters a culture within the Arbitrum ecosystem that is conducive to memecoins. This initiative is strategically crafted to attract attention, onboard new users, and stimulate DeFi activity, addressing prevalent challenges such as stagnating daily active users (DAUs) and the difficulty protocols encounter in enticing fresh participants. Despite Arbitrum’s distinguished position in total value locked (TVL) among Layer 2 solutions, these pressing issues have galvanized the community to explore innovative approaches to drive growth and engagement.

Outlined within the proposal is the structural framework of the proposed fund, which entails the appointment of five board members and three collaborators entrusted with overseeing the fund’s day-to-day operations and decision-making processes. Governed through a 5/9 multi-signature wallet system, the fund is meticulously designed to uphold transparency and integrity, with strict provisions barring board members and collaborators from personally investing in the tokens supported by the fund.

Criteria for memecoin selection are meticulously delineated, with emphasis placed on factors such as fair launches, secure contracts, a substantial holder count, minimal whale concentration, sufficient liquidity provision, and a minimum market capitalization threshold of $1 million. Projects meeting these stringent criteria stand to receive investments ranging from $50,000 to $150,000, coupled with dedicated assistance from graphic designers and video renderers to amplify their visibility and appeal within the market.

An investment strategically positioned for the future.

The imperative nature of implementing the memecoin fund is underscored by a proposed timeline that advocates for immediate action, with a stipulated propagation period of no less than six months. This timeframe is envisioned to serve as a critical assessment phase, providing a litmus test for evaluating the fund’s impact on the Arbitrum ecosystem. Following this evaluation period, the DAO retains the authority to deliberate on whether to sustain, expand, or discontinue the fund based on its performance metrics. In the event of dissolution, any remaining assets would be seamlessly converted to $ARB tokens and returned to the Arbitrum DAO, reflecting a responsible and adaptable approach to this experimental endeavor.

The budget allocation for the memecoin fund is meticulously detailed, totaling $3,315,000 USD in $ARB tokens. This comprehensive budget encompasses monthly remuneration for the board members, collaborators, and graphic designers, along with an initial allocation of $3 million USD in $ARB tokens to kickstart the fund’s operations. Additionally, the proposal incorporates a provision for supplementary funding amounting to $1-2 million USD in $ARB tokens, earmarked as grants to Arbitrum DeFi protocols that integrate the supported memecoins into their offerings. This strategic initiative is poised to bridge the gap between the memecoin and DeFi landscapes within the Arbitrum ecosystem, fostering a symbiotic relationship that encourages innovation and seamless integration across diverse sectors of the blockchain realm.

The reaction from the community and the way ahead

The proposal has sparked a diverse array of responses within the Arbitrum community. While a significant portion expresses excitement and endorsement for the initiative, citing parallels to the impactful success of $BONK on Solana, there are dissenting voices. Critics, exemplified by individuals like NicoDeva, denounce the proposal as “cringe and lame,” perceiving it as an attempt to rescue struggling memecoins using foundation funds. Nonetheless, despite these reservations, the prevailing sentiment among community members tends towards optimism, with many regarding the memecoin fund as an inventive and daring strategy poised to reinvigorate the Arbitrum ecosystem.

As the Arbitrum DAO deliberates on the proposal, the decision holds significance beyond the immediate context. It not only reflects the community’s appetite for innovation but also establishes a precedent for how blockchain ecosystems can harness the distinct allure of memecoins to propel growth and enhance user engagement. The outcome of this proposal could signify a pivotal juncture in the trajectory of the Arbitrum ecosystem, potentially inspiring other blockchain communities to explore analogous strategies aimed at catalyzing growth and fostering a vibrant, inclusive, and dynamic digital economy.


The Arbitrum DAO’s contemplation of a $3.3 million memecoin fund signifies a progressive stance towards the development of the blockchain ecosystem. By harnessing the viral and community-driven essence of memecoins, Arbitrum endeavors to augment liquidity, user engagement, and DeFi activity. As the community evaluates the advantages and drawbacks, the verdict is poised to carry significant implications for the trajectory of Arbitrum and could potentially serve as a blueprint for innovation across the broader blockchain sphere.


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