Controversy Arises from Ethereum NFT Auction, Involving Solana Community

A conflict has arisen in the realm of meme coins, stirring discord between the Solana community and the proprietors of the real-world Shiba Inu dog that served as the inspiration behind the wildly popular Dogwifhat (WIF) meme coin.

At the heart of the dispute lies an Ethereum NFT auction featuring the iconic image of Achi, the dog whose likeness propelled the Dogwifhat meme to viral fame.

The saga unfolded when an Instagram user from South Korea, purportedly the owner of Achi, announced their intention to auction off an NFT showcasing the original photo that ignited the meme’s widespread circulation.

Over the course of five years, this user consistently shared images of Achi adorned in various woven attires, eventually leading to the dog’s newfound celebrity status.

The NFT auction, hosted on the Ethereum-based NFT platform Foundation, is slated to conclude on Monday, with the current bid soaring to an impressive 50 ETH, which translates to over $182,000.

Backlash Surfaces Over Collaboration with Feisty DAO

Nevertheless, the decision to collaborate with Feisty DAO, an online community specializing in acquiring and fractionalizing Shiba Inu-related NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, has triggered dissatisfaction among members of the WIF community and Solana users alike.

Numerous individuals voiced their disappointment regarding the lack of collaboration between Achi’s owners and the WIF team on Solana for the NFT drop.

The backlash reached a point where Achi’s owners felt compelled to address the criticisms publicly.

In a pinned comment on their Instagram post, they wrote, “Please refrain from insulting [Achi] and us. There is no justification for blaming us. Please show us your support instead.”

Interestingly, Achi’s owner had previously attempted to collaborate with Solana users, but the experience soured.

Following the success of WIF, another meme coin called ACHI emerged with the support and endorsement of Achi’s parents.

However, the creators of ACHI allegedly abandoned the project shortly after its launch, leaving Achi’s parents feeling disappointed.

As a result, they opted to partner with Feisty DAO, a reputable entity in the NFT space, to ensure a smoother and more secure auction process.

The Solana community made minimal attempts to reach out to the owners of WIF.

While certain individuals within the WIF community voiced dissatisfaction regarding the perceived lack of collaboration between Achi’s owners and the meme coin community, it appears that there was minimal proactive engagement from the community’s side to establish communication with the family behind the dog that propelled their token to a multi-billion dollar valuation.

Despite the immense success of WIF, Achi’s owners claimed to have received no communication from anyone within the WIF community until recently when they themselves attempted to reach out.

Mihir, a member of the WIF community who was involved in the fundraising campaign aimed at showcasing Achi’s face on the LED screen-covered Sphere arena in Las Vegas, admitted to being unaware of Achi’s owners until just last week. However, he acknowledged the importance of recognizing Achi’s owners and providing them with a share of the benefits generated by WIF, which currently boasts a market capitalization exceeding $3 billion.

Path, a member of the Feisty DAO responsible for managing the NFT auction, indicated a willingness to consider re-minting the NFT on Solana if there was interest from the Solana community.

In an effort to explore this possibility further, Path reached out to Ansem, a notable figure within the WIF community, to inquire about their interest in acquiring the Achi NFT. However, no affirmative response was received from Ansem.


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