Crypto Analyst Predicts Ripple is Set to Surge Beyond 1,500% If XRP Break’s This Level

Crypto analyst Cryptoinsightuk suggests that Ripple’s XRP token is poised for a substantial price surge relative to bitcoin. In a recent tweet, Cryptoinsightuk points out that XRP is currently near the lower end of its historical trading range against BTC, hinting at the potential for an 88% or more upward movement in the near future.

Cryptoinsightuk highlights that XRP is currently hovering near support at the lower bounds of its multi-year range compared to bitcoin, as illustrated in the chart below. The analyst anticipates significant gains if XRP manages to surpass the upper limit of this range, suggesting that breaking and sustaining above the top grey box could lead to a remarkable 1,500% increase against BTC. The upcoming days and weeks are crucial for XRP as it contends to break out against BTC, with crypto traders closely monitoring Ripple’s ability to overcome this pivotal obstacle.

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