Delist Announcement for Four Altcoin Pairs from Bitcoin Exchange Binance!

Aragon (ANT), Multichain (MULTI), Vai (VAI), and Monero (XMR) are set to be delisted from Binance following a thorough evaluation conducted periodically by the exchange to ensure compliance with its stringent criteria.

The decision to remove these assets hinges on various factors, including the project team’s dedication, development activity level and quality, transaction volume and liquidity, network stability and security against potential attacks, as well as public communication effectiveness and responsiveness to due diligence requests. Moreover, any evidence of fraudulent behavior or negligence, along with the asset’s contribution to fostering a healthy and sustainable crypto ecosystem, were considered in the assessment process.

Effective from 06:00 on February 20, 2024, all trading pairs involving ANT, MULTI, VAI, and XMR will be suspended. This includes pairs like ANT/BTC, ANT/USDT, MULTI/USDT, USDT/VAI, XMR/BNB, XMR/BTC, XMR/ETH, and XMR/USDT. Consequently, all trading orders on these pairs will be automatically canceled upon the conclusion of trading.

Deposits of these tokens made after 06:00 on February 21, 2024, will not reflect in users’ accounts, and withdrawals will not be supported after 06:00 on May 20, 2024. Following the delisting, users may have the option to convert their delisted tokens into stablecoins on Binance’s behalf starting from 06:00 on May 21, 2024. However, this conversion is not guaranteed, and users will be notified separately if applicable, with stablecoins being deposited into their Binance accounts upon completion of the conversion process.

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