Details Revealed: Ex-FTX Executive’s Platform Secures $60 Million in Claims

Following the collapse of the bankrupt crypto exchange FTX, former customers found themselves facing uncertainty regarding the fate of their funds. However, they have managed to turn their misfortune into a potentially lucrative opportunity.

Under the leadership of individuals like Louis d’Origny and Ramnik Arora, who formerly served as FTX’s head of product, this group has capitalized on the situation by investing in FTX bankruptcy claims. Through their platform, FTX Creditor, they have facilitated the acquisition of millions of dollars’ worth of claims.

The collapse of FTX sparks a lucrative investment opportunity.

As reported by Bloomberg, in the wake of FTX’s collapse, d’Origny swiftly identified the potential investment opportunity that arose from the situation. He was among the earliest individuals to recognize the value in purchasing FTX bankruptcy claims from other customers who found themselves in a similar predicament.

Building upon this astute initial move, d’Origny took decisive action by establishing four investment funds aimed at acquiring these claims. Through these funds, he managed to secure approximately $31 million worth of claims, positioning himself strategically within the market.

Moreover, leveraging the FTX Creditor platform, d’Origny and his partner Arora expanded their reach and facilitated the acquisition of an additional $60 million in claims. This concerted effort underscores their proactive approach in seizing the investment opportunity presented by FTX’s downfall, thereby demonstrating their keen business acumen and ability to capitalize on emerging market trends.

FTX Creditor primarily focuses on bankruptcy claimants who had holdings of less than $100,000 on the exchange. d’Origny has articulated his goal of establishing a “transparent and efficient” mechanism to assist these creditors, aiming to address the risks and alleged lack of transparency that had been prevalent in the market.

Initially, when d’Origny and his team commenced the acquisition of claims, they anticipated that creditors would recuperate approximately 25 to 30 cents for every dollar owed. Through their third fund, the average cost of claims purchased stood at 15 cents on the dollar owed.

Their strategic approach was grounded on the assumption that substantial clawbacks would take place, resulting in significant recoveries for the creditors. However, the landscape has since become more intricate due to uncertainties surrounding claim pricing and the emergence of new developments in the bankruptcy proceedings.

The surge in cryptocurrency prices ushers in a new set of dynamics.

Throughout their purchasing endeavors, d’Origny and his team navigated numerous obstacles. In one notable instance, while negotiating the acquisition of a $4 million claim from a customer, they discovered that the US Internal Revenue Service had filed bankruptcy claims against FTX amounting to billions of dollars. Despite the uncertainties surrounding this development, they proceeded with the purchase, albeit at a discounted rate of 25 cents on the dollar.

Amidst a significant surge in cryptocurrency prices, certain FTX customers voiced apprehensions regarding the existing plan to tie the value of their holdings to digital asset prices from November 2022.

Nevertheless, d’Origny underscored the satisfaction of the claimants he collaborates with, emphasizing the efficiency of his platform in processing purchases, often completing transactions within a mere 30 minutes. According to the report, many claimants are even eager to reinvest the funds they receive back into the cryptocurrency market.

While the exchange has provided assurances to a bankruptcy judge that creditors who can substantiate their losses are likely to recoup their entire investments, the upward trajectory of cryptocurrency prices introduces a new dynamic to the equation.

Despite ongoing challenges, the relief experienced by claimants and their eagerness to reinvest in the cryptocurrency market serve as a testament to the impact of FTX Creditor’s initiatives.


Over the last 24 hours, the daily chart depicts FTX’s price trending upward.

At the time of writing, FTT is currently priced at $1.989, marking a notable increase of 10% over the last 24 hours. Nevertheless, when analyzing broader timeframes like the preceding two weeks, the token demonstrates sustained losses surpassing 20%.


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