Developers of Terra (LUNA) Report a Current Issue Affecting the Network

In a recent update, Terra (LUNA) noted an unusual surge in blockchain network activity.

Terra (LUNA) Blockchain is Experiencing Transaction Disruptions due to Severe Congestion

Increased traffic has led to user difficulties with transactions on the Terra platform. The official developer team of Terra’s altcoin has acknowledged the issue and is actively investigating. “We are witnessing a rise in activity on the Terra blockchain,” the team stated, cautioning users about potential transaction problems during this heightened traffic period.The team is working on solutions to ease network congestion, with a commitment to providing updates once a resolution is found. Blockchain networks, including Terra, have experienced congestion, often attributed to additions like images, videos, and texts, commonly referred to as inscriptions. This trend, particularly notable on the Bitcoin network, has resulted in elevated transaction fees.The specific cause of congestion on the Terra blockchain, whether related to inscriptions or another factor, remains unknown. Any forthcoming updates from the developer team will be promptly added here.

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