Edward Snowden predicts that this year, it will come to light that a nation has acquired Bitcoin.


  • Edward Snowden forecasts that a nation has bought Bitcoin discreetly.
  • Edward Snowden questions: “Which country acquired Bitcoin secretly?”
  • Interest in Bitcoin price

Edward Snowden’s Prediction: A Cloaked Nation’s Bitcoin Acquisition

Edward Snowden, renowned for his expertise in computer intelligence and as a whistleblower, recently shared a prediction related to Bitcoin (BTC) on platform X. Unlike the typical focus on BTC’s market value, Snowden’s forecast diverges into the realm of geopolitical intrigue.

In his statement, Snowden suggests that within the current year, a revelation will emerge regarding a nation’s acquisition of Bitcoin. What sets this prediction apart is the clandestine nature of the transaction; Snowden asserts that the country in question will have obtained BTC without divulging this information to the public domain.

This prediction hints at a covert maneuver by a sovereign entity within the cryptocurrency space, indicating a significant development with potential implications for both the digital asset landscape and global geopolitics. By shedding light on this secretive acquisition, Snowden draws attention to the complex interplay between state actors and emerging financial technologies like Bitcoin.

Forecast: In the upcoming year, it will come to light that a government entity has acquired Bitcoin – the contemporary equivalent of monetary gold – without making this acquisition publicly known.

Essentially, the individual who exposed highly classified data from the National Security Agency in 2013 is presently refraining from disclosing the involved country’s identity. This communication might be perceived as a potential spoiler for a significant event in the current year or as a provocation hinting at a forthcoming substantial information disclosure.

Nonetheless, it is undeniable that, as per their assertion, sometime during 2024, the identity of the nation following in the footsteps of El Salvador, which adopted Bitcoin as legal tender in September 2021, will come to light.

Edward Snowden’s Inquiry: Uncovering Covert Nation-State Bitcoin Transactions

Edward Snowden’s inquiry about which country purchased Bitcoin without disclosing the transaction carries weight due to his reputation as a whistleblower and his deep knowledge of government surveillance practices. By posing this question, Snowden is highlighting the potential covert actions of a nation-state within the cryptocurrency space. The implication is that such a purchase, if undisclosed, could have significant geopolitical and financial implications. This inquiry underscores the growing intersection between state actors and decentralized financial technologies like Bitcoin, raising questions about transparency, accountability, and the evolving dynamics of global finance and security.

Regardless, Snowden solidified his position on Bitcoin when he sought to characterize it as “the modern equivalent of monetary gold.” In a way, Snowden’s forecast not only garners attention but also underscores the increasing acknowledgment within mainstream circles of Bitcoin’s significance in the global economy and its potential to revolutionize traditional financial systems.

Snowden’s Bitcoin Interest and the Cryptocurrency Surge: Tracking BTC’s Price Momentum

Surprisingly, Snowden’s interest in Bitcoin runs deeper than one might assume. Just a few weeks back, amidst a staggering audience of over 100 million viewers tuned into the Super Bowl, Snowden revealed that his focus was instead on monitoring the price of Bitcoin (BTC).

This revelation occurred on February 11th, a day when BTC was trading around $48,000, inching closer to surpassing the $50,000 mark by Valentine’s Day, a mere three days later. This upward momentum continued, leading to a bullish surge that saw BTC’s price soar above $52,000.

However, a significant shift occurred exactly two weeks later, on February 26th, when BTC experienced a notable price surge, propelling it to break through the psychological barrier of $60,000.

In the past week alone, BTC has surged by an impressive 22%. As of the latest update, BTC is valued at $62,790, surpassing yesterday’s price of $63,000.

We find ourselves on the brink of Bitcoin’s All Time High (ATH) territory, last achieved in November 2021 when it reached a price of $69,000. This remarkable surge underscores the ongoing volatility and upward trajectory of the cryptocurrency market, with Bitcoin leading the charge into uncharted price territories.


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