All You Need to Know About GTC

Gitcoin a platform designed to connect developers and fund open-source projects. It primarily operates through grants and funding mechanisms.

The platform uses GTC (Gitcoin Token) as a utility token to incentivize and reward developers for their contributions to open-source projects. GTC isn’t a cryptocurrency intended for direct trading or investment. Its main function is within the Gitcoin platform to facilitate transactions and incentivize contributions.

As for buying GTC tokens, they were distributed through the Gitcoin Grants program or earned by participating in platform activities. They’re not typically available on major exchanges for purchase and sale. Users primarily acquire GTC by participating in activities or receiving grants on the Gitcoin platform.

For the most current and accurate information, I’d recommend checking Gitcoin’s official website, community forums, or social media channels. This will provide updates on any new developments or changes, including information on GTC and its utilization within the Gitcoin ecosystem.

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