Hatom-HTM Coin

All You Need to Know About HTM Coin

What Is Hatom (HTM)?

Hatom operates as the foundational element of the Hatom Ecosystem, introducing the Hatom protocol. Positioned as an over-collateralized lending protocol, it stands as the first and sole lending protocol functioning on the MultiversX blockchain. Hatom, a peer-to-pool based protocol, involves lenders providing liquidity to a communal pool, while borrowers access liquidity by utilizing tokens from the same pool. Smart contracts manage these communal pools, dynamically adjusting interest rates based on demand and supply without the need for intermediaries. Each pool serves as an exclusive money market for a single ESDT token, ensuring transparency through public accessibility of transactions and historical interest rates.

Who are the Founders of Hatom (HTM)

The Founders of Hatom (HTM) Token are listed below:

  • CEO & Chief Operating Officer: Ahmed Serghini
  • Chief Development Officer: Soufiane El Mouatassim Billah
  • Chief Technology Officer: Franco Scucchiero
  • Chief Marketing Officer: Oussa Guennouni

What is the Total Volume of HTM in Circulation?

 The current trading volume of HTM is $206,270. HTM price is up 12.11% in the last 24 hours. It has a max supply of 100 Million HTM. However, this figures are likely to change over time.

What are the Working Principles and Key Features of Hatom (HTM)

  • Hatom opposes liquidity mining, considering it a short-term solution that may compromise the project’s long-term viability.
  • The protocol comprises multiple products that complement each other, establishing a healthy and organic incentivization structure for the Hatom Ecosystem.
  • Hatom’s sustainable and efficient incentivization does not involve distributing the HTM token, preserving its value over time.
  • As a pioneer in the MultiversX ecosystem, Hatom introduces fundamental building blocks for DeFi.

What are the Functions of Hatom (HTM) Token?

The Hatom token, a MultiversX Standard Digital Token, serves as the power source for the Hatom Ecosystem. Functioning as a governance mechanism, the HTM token enables a fully community-driven decision-making process. HTM tokens can be supplied in the lending protocol to earn supply APY and utilized as collateral for over-collateralized loans. Staking the Hatom Token in a dedicated module allows users to earn rewards based on the total amount staked in the pool. Additionally, a safety module enables staking for an added layer of security within the lending protocol.

Where can I Trade Hatom (HTM) Token?

HTM tokens can be traded on centralized crypto exchanges and decentralized exchanges. The most popular exchange to buy and trade Hatom is Gate.io.

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