JPMorgan expresses worry as the circulation of Tether’s USDT approaches $100 billion.


  1. JPMorgan Chase & Co. has expressed reservations regarding the approaching $100 billion circulation of Tether Holdings’ USDT.
  2. According to the bank’s report, Tether’s “lack of regulatory compliance and transparency” could present a threat to the overall cryptocurrency ecosystem
  3. The potential participation of traditional financial institutions such as JPMorgan in the stablecoin market could significantly transform the competitive environment.

Recently, JPMorgan Chase & Co. voiced apprehensions regarding the growing market dominance of Tether Holdings’ USDT, the largest stablecoin, nearing a significant milestone of $100 billion in circulation.

While this milestone is noteworthy for Tether, it prompts important inquiries about its broader impact on the cryptocurrency market.

What Prompted JPMorgan’s Critique of USDT

According to a report from JPMorgan, the increasing prominence of USDT and concerns over Tether’s purported “lack of regulatory compliance and transparency” pose a potential risk to the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Stablecoins like USDT play a vital role in the cryptocurrency realm, offering traders a stable refuge and facilitating seamless asset transfers. Tether’s significant market growth over the past couple of years has cemented its position as a leader in the stablecoin market. However, it also underscores the regulatory challenges confronting the industry.

Paolo Ardoino, Tether’s CEO, maintains an optimistic stance despite the scrutiny. He contends that Tether’s market dominance isn’t detrimental to the industry but rather crucial for markets that heavily depend on it.

Tether’s market domination may be a ‘negative’ for competitors including those in the banking industry wishing for similar success but it’s never been a negative for the markets that need us the most. We’ve always worked closely with global regulators to educate them on the technology and provide guidance on how they must think about it,” Ardoino said.

The upcoming regulatory adjustments in both the United States and Europe signify a substantial transformation in the stablecoin landscape. In the U.S., there is contemplation of the Clarity for Payment Stablecoin Act, while the European Union plans to begin implementing parts of the Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCA) by the middle of the year.

These regulatory advancements highlight the growing scrutiny surrounding stablecoins and emphasize the necessity for robust compliance structures.

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