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KLV Explained

What is Klever (KLV)?

Klever (KLV) is a comprehensive crypto wallet ecosystem that caters to over 3 million users globally through its offerings, including Klever App, Klever Swap, and Klever OS. The recently launched Klever Blockchain and Klever Exchange are now operational, underpinning the functionality of the utility token KLV.

Who are the Founders of Klever (KLV) Token?

Klever Exchange was founded by Diogenes Ianakiara (CEO), and the team includes Bruno Campos (CTO), David Ianakiara (director of quantitative training), Marcio Sodre de Lima (CFO), and Anderson Ciszewski (COO).

What are the Working Principle of Klever Token?

Klever Wallet stands out as a secure, versatile, and user-friendly self-custody crypto wallet, supporting major blockchains worldwide. With 500+ trading pairs available in Klever Swap and direct access to Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum (ETH), Kusama, and TRX-based DApps in Klever Browser, the wallet ensures accessibility to a broad array of blockchain functionalities. As a decentralized peer-to-peer and self-custody wallet network, Klever places the control of private keys squarely in the hands of its users.

What are the Functions of KLV Token?

KLV, the native token, acts as the driving force for the entire Klever ecosystem and facilitates reduced Klever Swap fees. Users can engage in KLV Staking, providing an avenue for earning passive income, with over 60% of all circulating KLV currently frozen and staked by Klever users.

How Secured is Klever (KLV)?

Klever ensures genuine self-custody and secure ownership of cryptocurrency. The security of Klever Wallet is fortified by its foundation on Klever OS (Operating System), incorporating advanced security mechanisms to safeguard users’ private keys and funds.

The Klever OS SDK operates as a Wallet as a Service (WaaS), offering military-grade encryption systems to any developer. Notably, the encryption process occurs locally inside the user’s device within the Native Core, enhancing security.

Klever’s Native Core functions as a Black Box within Klever OS, isolated from external interference. This isolation renders any exploit or hacking attempt virtually impossible against the wallet, providing an additional layer of security.

Where Can You Buy Klever (KLV)?

KLV is actively traded on some of the world’s leading exchanges. The token is primarily paired with BTC, USDT, XRP, and TRX on platforms such as Kucoin, Bitrue, DigiFinex, TronTrade, Polonidex, and within Klever Swap, featuring 30 different trading pairs.

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