Measurable Data-MDT Token

All You Need to Know About MDT

What is Measurable Data Token (MDT)?

Measurable Data Token (MDT) represents a decentralized data exchange economy embedded within the Ethereum blockchain. Operating as an ERC20 token, MDT serves as the cornerstone of the MDT ecosystem, assigning value to significant data and functioning as a utility mechanism within the ecosystem.

Who are the Founders of MDT?

MDT was issued by Measurable Foundation Ltd., registered in Singapore, with Heatherm Huang as the director and co-founder. The foundation’s registration dates back to October 2, 2017.

What is the Seed Sale of MDT?

The token distribution aimed to fund the MDT roadmap involved the sale of 500 million MDT in total.

What is the Total Volume of MDT Token in Circulation?

The maximum total supply of MDT tokens currently stands at 1 billion MDT. This figure is likely to change due to the instability of the crypto market.

What are the Working Principles of MDT?

In the era of the digital age, big data emerges as a valuable commodity, often overlooked by contributors. Numerous service providers and product vendors collect user data without revealing its true economic worth, utilizing it for purposes such as advertising and business insights. Users, in turn, unknowingly trade their valuable data for less valuable free apps or services. To address this disparity, MDT introduces a decentralized, impartial, and mutually beneficial ecosystem that seeks to revolutionize the data trading model. Technically, MDT operates as a blockchain-based distributed computing network with smart contracts securely stored on the Ethereum blockchain, defining the value of data within this innovative economy. These smart contracts are collaboratively constructed by data providers, buyers, and the MDT platform.

MDT aims to connect users, data providers, and data buyers, establishing the value of data during transactions. The platform strives to create a more efficient, transparent, and honest environment for data trading, envisioning a decentralized “data value exchange economy” for everyone in the digital realm.

Delving into the token details, MDT is considered a utility token exclusive to the MDT ecosystem, lacking inherent value outside of this context. It does not confer ownership rights or rights pertaining to the company’s revenue, governance, or properties.

What are the Function/Uses of MDT Tokens?

In the MDT ecosystem, data providers contribute “data points” when invoked on the platform. Upon a data buyer’s request, the Measurable platform generates a smart contract, activated upon the buyer’s payment. Once the deal is accepted, rewards in the form of MDT are distributed to the Measurable platform, user, and data provider.

Key services within the MDT ecosystem include MailTime Email Messenger, Measurable AI for business-oriented data analysis, Measurable Finance (MeFi) for decentralized finance industry data, and RewardMe, a reward app for user purchases.

Earning MDT is achieved by users contributing data to the platform, receiving rewards based on its utilization. The ecosystem’s applications generate value from the contributed data, and users are rewarded through fees charged to data buyers.

Where Can I Trade MDT Tokens?

There are various trading apps offer platforms for purchasing or selling MDT tokens. However, The most active and popular exchanges for buying or selling MDT are Binance, Coinbase, Kucoin & Kraken.

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