PEPE and Dogecoin Exhibit Commonalities Hinting at a Possible Upswing in Prices

Max Schwartzman, CEO of a crypto analysis platform, highlighted a noteworthy observation. Drawing parallels between Dogecoin (DOGE), a prominent meme coin, and PEPE, he suggests that if historical trends repeat, PEPE might be on the verge of a substantial price surge.

Between PEPE and DOGE

In a post on the X platform (formerly Twitter), Schwartzman’s remarks grabbed the crypto community’s interest. He highlighted “striking similarities” between the 2023 PEPE chart and the 2020 DOGE chart. The shared chart suggests a mirrored price movement between PEPE in 2023 and DOGE in 2020.

Should PEPE follow DOGE’s trajectory, there’s potential for significant price surges in 2024. PEPE’s price, trading in a narrow range since November, mirrors DOGE’s pre-surge pattern before it reached $0.7 in May 2021 with a remarkable 26,000% increase.

Speculations persist about PEPE replicating DOGE’s 2021 performance in 2024, supported by parallels like both having a market value of approximately $600 million at pivotal moments. PEPE, sparking the meme coin frenzy in May, swiftly gained prominence as one of the most traded tokens after its April 2023 launch, leading to a rapid price escalation.

The Connection Between PEPE and Ethereum

Max Schwartzman emphasizes that Pepe coin not only mirrors DOGE but also closely follows Ethereum’s movements, replicating everything ETH does.

In a parallel observation, prominent analyst Crypto Kaleo suggests that as ETH gains momentum, PEPE might hit all-time highs. He draws a comparison between PEPE and ETH akin to the relationship between SOL and BONK, where BONK experienced substantial gains during SOL’s revival, reaching its all-time high in the process.

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