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Planet IX Explained

What is Planet IX (IXT) Planet IX stands out as a GameFi strategy game rooted in NFTs, immersing players in a virtual gaming experience where the objective is to revitalize Earth by acquiring land fragments known as PIX.

Who is the Founder of Planet IX (IXT)?

Founded in July 2021 and fully transitioning to an on-chain model by November of the same year. The Planet IX project is lead by a team of great professionals which comprises of Karl Blomsterwall. CEO · Felix Bengtsson. MASTER OF COIN & CO FOUNDER · Lukas Alexandersson. CPO.

What is the Total Volume of Planet IX (IXT) Tokens in Circulation?

The current circulating supply of Planet IX (IXT) token stands at 153,252,267 IXT coins. However, the maximum supply of the IXT token is not available.

What are the Working Principles of Planet IX (IXT) Coin?

In the game’s narrative, an AI system named A.M.E. (Altered Mind Emotion) embarks on a journey through time and space, eventually discovering a suitable habitat after centuries of exploration. This habitat, Earth, becomes the focal point for A.M.E.’s mission to resurrect stored Agents aboard the (3×3)Eye mothership. To unify the Agents’ goals and prevent psychological impacts, A.M.E. alters and erases their minds, leading them to unknowingly return to Planet Earth.

Planet IX has already fostered a dedicated community with over 260,000 connected wallets, showcasing robust engagement. Beyond the gaming realm, players can engage in various DeFi products within the IX Token ecosystem, including Single IXT Staking, Territory NFT Staking, dedicated LP mining pools from decentralized exchanges (DEX), with more offerings on the horizon. Planet IX endeavors to provide a holistic and immersive gaming experience while promoting environmental consciousness.

What are the Functions of Planet IX (IXT) Token?

The primary objective in the game is to amass and trade PIX, facilitating the restoration of the planet through PlayToEarn functionalities. As players expand their PIX collection, they can merge them into a Territory NFT, granting exclusive ownership. PIX acquisition utilizes the in-game ERC-20 utility token, IX Token (IXT), launched on November 20, 2021. The game’s narrative is intricately woven to raise awareness of humanity’s adverse environmental impact, seamlessly integrated into the gameplay mechanics.

Where can I Trade Planet IX (IXT) Token?

The most popular cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in Planet IX(IXT) stock are currently LBankMEXC, and CoinEx. You can find others listed on our crypto exchanges page.

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