Ripple Clarity: Chief Technology Officer Shares Perspectives on Tron Founder’s Employment Narrative.

David “JoelKatz” Schwartz, Ripple Labs’ Chief Technology Officer (CTO), has provided intriguing insights into the story of Tron founder Justin Sun’s past employment with the company.

The CTO of Ripple Commends Justin Sun

In a recent update on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter), Justin Sun discussed his early experience working at Ripple. He emphasized how his tenure there laid the foundation for his subsequent ventures in the cryptocurrency industry.

The disclosure by the Tron founder has stirred significant excitement within the crypto sphere. Sun initiated efforts toward developing the TRON ecosystem after leaving Ripple, marking a pivotal moment that greatly influenced the blockchain industry.

The Tron network stands out as one of the most esteemed and widely recognized blockchains globally, currently holding the 12th position in the overall crypto market in terms of market capitalization.

In response to Sun’s statement, Schwartz recognized Sun’s contributions during his tenure at Ripple, expressing that the company “misses” him. Furthermore, he remarked that had the Tron founder remained, he could have achieved considerable milestones within the payment firm.

Schwartz’s closing remarks were intriguing, possibly carrying a hint of irony, implying that Sun had achieved considerable success since departing. Yet, they also suggest that the Ripple CTO might be informing the Tron founder about the opportunities and collaborations he missed after his departure from the company.

Nevertheless, in response to Schwartz’s comment, Justin Sun paid tribute to his former colleague while expressing optimism about potential future achievements and partnerships between their respective organizations.

“We will certainly have opportunities to accomplish significant endeavors in the future,” he affirmed. Nonetheless, at present, Ripple and Tron do not seem to be collaborating.

The firm received job inquiries from Justin Sun and an Ethereum co-founder.

Sun’s account also unveiled a surprising anecdote involving Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin. As per the Tron founder, both he and Vitalik Buterin applied for positions at Ripple Labs.

However, Sun secured the position and served at the firm for two years, whereas Buterin did not. Sun also mentioned that Buterin was unable to secure an internship at the company due to visa issues.

The post stated:

Reflecting on history is quite fascinating. Both Vitalik Buterin and I have had interactions with Ripple. Interestingly, I managed to secure a job at Ripple and worked there for quite a long time, while Vitalik ultimately did not participate in Ripple’s internship due to visa issues.

Despite Buterin’s inability to secure a job, his unsuccessful attempt eventually led to his involvement in establishing Ethereum in 2013.

Although Justin Sun did not specify a timeframe for the event, insights from the development of the crypto landscape offer some clues. Ripple’s introduction in 2012 implies that the event likely occurred between 2012 and 2013, prior to the founding of Ethereum.



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