Shimmer, a project under IOTA, initiates a substantial $1 million airdrop. Instructions for claiming your share.

IOTA’s Shimmer Launches Massive $1 Million Airdrop, How to Claim

The Tangle Ecosystem Association, via its Shimmer Growth Committee, has introduced the $1 million Shimmer Airdrop Injection, a fresh endeavor for the ShimmerEVM ecosystem. This airdrop, developed in conjunction with the Shimmer community, aims to foster adoption of the recently unveiled Shimmer Bridge and support community-led development initiatives.

The $1 million airdrop constitutes more than 1.5% of Shimmer’s total supply at its present valuation.

The initiative kicks off on January 31, 2024, at 3:00 p.m. CET with the goal of attracting fresh liquidity to ShimmerEVM, enhancing liquidity provision, and consequently boosting the Total Value Locked (TVL) in dApps operating within ShimmerEVM.

How to claim airdrop

The blog post outlines steps for participating in the ShimmerEVM Airdrop to earn Shimmer tokens. Users need a Web3 wallet like Bloom or Metamask to register and receive rewards. To qualify, users must bridge at least $1,000 in specified LayerZero-wrapped assets to Shimmer EVM and use them to generate TVL within the ecosystem. They should also engage with dApps listed on the Tide campaign board and hold their TVL for at least 30 days. Tide, a recently integrated Web3 incentive protocol, will monitor participants using smart contract tools.


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