The best bitcoin trade in February wasn’t bitcoin

Bitcoin’s February Surge
Bitcoin experienced a remarkable surge in February, with its value soaring by over 40% since the beginning of the month. This surge has propelled Bitcoin to heights not witnessed since 2020, with daily gains becoming a common occurrence. However, while investing directly in Bitcoin proved profitable, the trading exchange Coinbase and miner Marathon Digital Holdings surpassed the cryptocurrency’s gains, boasting impressive returns of 59% and 45%, respectively.

Renewed Enthusiasm for Bitcoin
The renewed wave of enthusiasm for Bitcoin is not only lifting the cryptocurrency itself but also related stocks. After a period of dipping below $40,000 late last month, Bitcoin regained momentum following the approval of spot ETFs by U.S. securities regulators. By the end of the first week of February, Bitcoin had surpassed $50,000, reaching $57,000 on Tuesday and crossing $61,000 by Thursday. Additionally, the impending “halving” event, which reduces the Bitcoin awarded to miners, typically serves as a catalyst for increased interest and higher prices.

 Impact of ETFs on Market Dynamics
ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds) have emerged as significant drivers of Bitcoin’s growing popularity. Both the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group and the trading platform Robinhood have reported a surge in trading activity related to cryptocurrency futures products and ETFs. Market players anticipate further interest in Bitcoin ETFs, contributing to a four-fold increase in trading activity since the fall. Robinhood revealed that a significant portion of its Bitcoin investors are accessing the cryptocurrency through ETFs, indicating a new cohort of investors entering the market. This trend not only broadens market participation but also enhances liquidity, ultimately benefiting the overall cryptocurrency market.

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