US Banks Embrace Ripple’s XRP for Global Transactions

Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple’s CEO, hints at potential US bank adoption of XRP. Blockchain expert Ben Armstrong sees this as pivotal for XRP’s success.

Despite a two-year legal battle with the SEC, a 2023 ruling by Judge Analisa Torres classifies XRP as a non-security, providing legal clarity and aligning with Ripple’s vision for global expansion and broader XRP adoption. Armstrong suggests Ripple’s victory against the SEC indicates progress toward achieving its goals.

Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple’s CEO, recently suggested the possibility of US banks adopting XRP. In a recent video, blockchain expert Ben Armstrong emphasized the significance of this adoption, considering it the key to XRP’s success.

Ripple has faced challenges for over two years since the SEC sued the platform in 2020, alleging the unregistered offering of digital asset securities that raised over $1.3 billion. Despite legal hurdles hindering Ripple’s vision of global expansion and widespread XRP adoption, a landmark 2023 ruling by Judge Analisa Torres classified XRP as a non-security, providing legal clarity. According to Ben Armstrong, this legal victory signals progress towards Ripple’s overarching goals.

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