Where is Bitcoin Price Heading in 2024?

What to Expect For Bitcoin Price in the Coming Year?

The Coinpedia Fintech News article titled “Crypto Market Outlook 2024: What to Anticipate for Bitcoin Price” features an exclusive interview with Jordi Alexander, Chief Investment Officer of Selini Capital SA, on The Paul Barron Network. Alexander discussed a significant decrease in supply, amounting to billions of dollars, and underscored the impact of changes in inflation rates. Describing the market as a mysterious cycle, he expressed uncertainty about perfectly timed cycles akin to those observed in 2020.

Emphasizing the trend of buying market dips, Alexander likened market movements to schools of fish, influenced by factors such as social media discussions. He delved into the interconnected nature of sentiment and market behaviour, drawing intriguing parallels to the natural world.

Bitcoin’s Current Price and Future Prediction

The conversation turned to Bitcoin’s existing price range, fluctuating between $37,000 and $39,000, with expectations of hitting $45,000 to $50,000 before ETF approval. Alexander conveyed optimism about this scenario, citing crypto’s resilience during equity market corrections. The potential approval of a Bitcoin ETF and detailed scrutiny of analysts’ forecasts were thoroughly discussed.

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