Bitget Facilitates Crypto Acquisition in India, UAE, and Mexico Through OnRamp Money Collaboration

Bitget, a cryptocurrency exchange, has forged a partnership with payment solutions provider OnRamp to streamline the process of converting fiat currency into cryptocurrencies. Through this collaboration, users in various countries can conveniently deposit their local currency into the Bitget platform to acquire cryptocurrencies.

In India, users now have the option to deposit Indian Rupees (INR) using the United Payments Interface (UPI) and Immediate Payment Service (IMPS). Similarly, users in Nigeria, the United Arab Emirates, and Mexico can deposit Nigerian Naira (NGN), Emirati Dirham (AED), and Mexican Peso (MXN) respectively through bank transfers. Moreover, Vietnamese users can utilize VietQR, a mobile QR code payment system, for deposits in Vietnamese Dong (VND).

This extensive range of supported currencies provides users with convenient channels for exchanging between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Additionally, Bitget has introduced a zero-fee offer for all cryptocurrencies in conjunction with this integration. This complements the existing policy of waiving fees for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) transactions conducted within the platform.

Bitget has set its sights on emerging markets through a strategic partnership with OnRamp.

Through Bitget’s partnership with OnRamp, users can seamlessly purchase cryptocurrencies via traditional banking channels without incurring any fees. OnRamp supports over 20 blockchain networks, including Ethereum, Arbitrum, Avalanche, and Solana, showcasing its developer-centric approach and customizable solutions tailored to individual user needs.

This collaboration emphasizes accessibility, especially in emerging markets, where OnRamp has integrated widely-used services like UPI and IMPS in India. By incorporating these services, OnRamp reduces transaction failure rates, ensuring a smoother onboarding experience for new users and enhancing overall accessibility to cryptocurrencies.

Bitget Prepares for Widespread Adoption of Cryptocurrencies

Gracy Chen, the Managing Director at Bitget, emphasized the significance of the integration, stating that it brings them closer to their mission of driving mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. She highlighted the importance of making crypto trading accessible to people worldwide, thereby accelerating an inclusive and global financial revolution.

In December, Bitget witnessed a

surpassing the total number of registrations seen in December 2022 by a notable margin of 20%. The exchange revealed that a significant majority of these new users, accounting for 89%, opted to venture into the crypto market. Among these users, a substantial portion, representing 61%, specifically chose to invest in Bitcoin. These statistics underscore the growing interest and demand for cryptocurrencies among a diverse global audience.

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