Cardano Achieves Four Million Transactions Within a Span of Two Months


  • Expansion of the ecosystem and technological advancements
  • Development of infrastructure and governance

Over the last two months, the Cardano blockchain has recorded a notable milestone of four million transactions. This surge in transactions reflects the growing activity and interest surrounding the expanding network.

Advancements in technology and the expansion of the ecosystem

Recent data from IOHK indicates significant growth within the Cardano ecosystem. In December and January alone, eight new projects were launched on the platform, with an additional seventeen projects in development, bringing the total to 157 launched projects and 1,320 in progress. Technological advancements play a crucial role in Cardano’s expansion, with a notable increase in token policies by 13,109 and 480,000 new native tokens minted. Additionally, the development of Plutus scripts, enabling smart contracts on Cardano, saw substantial progress, with Plutus V1 scripts growing by 81 to 6,332 and Plutus V2 scripts expanding by 13,091 to a total of 17,718.

Developments in infrastructure and governance

Cardano’s infrastructure is undergoing significant enhancement, with performance improvements and the addition of new features like integerToByteString and byteStringToInteger bitwise operations, set to be integrated into the forthcoming Plutus V3 post the Conway upgrade. Additionally, the Voltaire phase of Cardano’s roadmap, emphasizing decentralized governance, is making strides forward.

At the same time, Project Catalyst has entered a new phase, commencing the voting process for Fund11.

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