Significant Moves: Cryptocurrency Whales Execute Noteworthy Transactions Across Altcoins

In recent times, the crypto market has witnessed notable activities from several significant cryptocurrency whales, drawing the attention of on-chain analysts. One prominent whale with the short address 0xbe8 has made a substantial move by withdrawing 2.6 million MATIC from Coinbase Prime, amounting to a value of $2.11 million. Remarkably, this is the first instance of this particular whale withdrawing MATIC from a centralized exchange (CEX).

Meanwhile, another whale, identified by the short address 0x882, is anticipated to make a substantial deposit of 983.09 thousand LDO, valued at approximately $2.8 million, into the Binance 14 wallet. Notably, these LDO tokens were acquired by the whale from FTX about a year and two months ago, with an average purchase price of $1.51. The current trading price of LDO stands at $2.81 at the time of composing this article.

Address 0xbfa made a significant deposit, adding 46.94 million SAND tokens worth $20.58 million to the Binance deposit address. These tokens were sourced from The Sandbox’s official developer wallets. Additionally, the same address still retains ownership of 492 thousand SAND, valued at $215 thousand.

In a notable withdrawal, the whale identified by the short address 0xbec removed 7.38 thousand ETH from Binance, totaling $17.07 million. This address has executed two transactions in the last five days, withdrawing a total of 8.36 thousand ETH worth $19.34 million from central exchanges.

Adding to the recent whale activities, DWF Labs engaged in substantial transactions by withdrawing 1 million USDT from the Bitfinex hot wallet. Over the past four days, the market maker company orchestrated a total withdrawal of 2.64 million USDT through seven transactions on central exchanges.

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