Santiment analysts sound the FOMO alarm for three altcoins, cautioning that they could experience elevated volatility in the coming days.

According to analysts from the cryptocurrency analysis firm, there’s a FOMO alert concerning three distinct altcoins, indicating a potential rise in price volatility.

In their statement, analysts from cryptocurrency analysis firm Santiment raised a FOMO alarm regarding certain altcoins. According to the company’s analysis, Chainlink (LINK) has surged by 34%, Immutable X (IMX) by 23%, and Pyth Network (PYTH) by 26% in the past week, demonstrating notable gains in market value.

As per analysts, there’s significant chatter within the mainstream community regarding these altcoins, indicating a strong FOMO sentiment surrounding them. Santiment analysts have cautioned about the potential for heightened volatility in these cryptocurrencies, primarily driven by FOMO.

NeuroInvest Research, a cryptocurrency analyst associated with Santiment, highlighted Chainlink’s recent surge. The price of LINK has climbed by 29% in the past week, contributing to its notable rise. NeuroInvest Research suggests that the increase in LINK’s price correlates with a rise in the amount of LINK held by cryptocurrency addresses, indicating a potentially positive impact on the price.

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